Caribbean Screensaver 1.0
by The Bargain Monkey

Screensaver that features beautiful shots from many aspects of a Caribbean cruise. Cozumel Mexico, and other exotic places, food, and great scenery. This screensaver also includes a Caribbean music theme to put you in th...

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File Size: 6.85 MB | Freeware

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The Red Planet Screensaver 1.1
by RateMyScreensaver

The free screensaver, The Red Planet, was created by RateMyScreensaver.com and contains 23 high resolution images of planet Mars. Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and is known as the Red Planet due to its reddish a...

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File Size: 4.93 MB | Freeware

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Christ the Saviour Cathedral 3D 1.0
by ScreenSavers4You

One of the most fascinating miracles of Russian architecture of the past century - The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour - still keeps charming with its sculptural magnificence and splendor! Being an immense monument to th...

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File Size: 9.21 MB | Shareware

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Magic Screensaver Master 2.0
by Magic Project

Magic Screensaver Master is a program that can manage your screensaver behaviour. Just by positioning your mouse to a specific area on the screen (e.g. upper right corner) you can start your screensaver, disable screensa...

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File Size: 240 K | Shareware

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Drunken Clock Screensaver 3.22
by Michael Sablin

The Drunken Clock Screensaver protects your monitor by displaying an attractive analog clock that looks like you're viewing it through water. Its numbers and hands float gently around the screen against a moving backgrou...

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File Size: 1.75 MB | Shareware

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Cuckoo Clock 3D Photo Screensaver 1.0
by Photo Screensavers

Cuckoo Clock 3D is a wonderfully crafted deep forest fantasy, that recreates a scene from a fairytale right on your Windows desktop. When you give your PC some rest, the desktop picture changes into a magic fairy world. ...

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File Size: 18.92 MB | Shareware

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Night in the Forest Screensaver 6.11
by EleFun Multimedia

"Night in the Forest" is an Animated Screensaver by EleFun Multimedia devoted to the nature theme, namely, to the forest. It is well-known that a forest is not only a beautiful, but also a very dangerous place ...

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File Size: 4.67 MB | Shareware

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3D Earth ScreenSaver 2.0
by Deaddybear

If you ever wanted a piece of art for your computer, this screensaver will certainly please your eye. And most probably all your coworkers will gather around your computer to stand in silent exaltation. Who could ever im...

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File Size: 2.26 MB | Shareware

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3D Space Screensaver 2.1
by AOload

This screensaver showing the Solar system. Using this programme you will be moving yourself between the planets of Solar system watching the wonderful views of the planets. Soft music and your traveling in 3D Solar sy...

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File Size: 1.99 MB | Shareware

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80's Retro Screensaver 1.0
by WebAppstogo

The 80's was a memorable decade. The 80' Retro screensaver will play the best 80's music on your computer while animating some 80's retro graphics on your desktop. The screensaver also will list several links about the...

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File Size: 915 K | Freeware

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A White Christmas 01
by Patti Olsen

Snow falls gently on your desktop as a music box plays carols softly in the background. This is the Christmas version of Desktop Snow. Use it with all your Christmas wallpapers....

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File Size: 639 K | Shareware

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Active Jellyfish Screensaver 1.0
by UnderseaCraft

This is a jellyfish screensaver all in 3D realtime, showing jellyfishs swimming deep undersea, exhibiting beautiful bioluminescence. Long tentacles are floating behind their body. Great number of sea particles, known as ...

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File Size: 1.55 MB | Shareware

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CrazyFrog Screensaver 1.0
by Software Headlines

Free CrazyFrog Screensaver for Windows containing 10 great pictures of the annoying thing!...

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File Size: 3.11 MB | Freeware

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Cats Screensaver 1.0
by Snipfiles

Bring home some of the cutest cats & kittens, enjoy these furry kitties any time with this free screensaver. (supports multiple monitors to!)...

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File Size: 2.84 MB | Freeware

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3D Valentine's Day Screensaver 1.01
by Michael Sablin

3D Valentine's Day Screensaver is a beautiful scene of a camomile field with flying bumblebees and with a lot of hearts rising up from dense grass and disappearing into the air. You can add a photo of your valentine and ...

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File Size: 1.68 MB | Shareware

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Civil War Screensaver 4.0
by Net Executive

The best 'award winning' Civil War screen saver with wallpaper utility on the Internet. Now with a floating sticky note with configurable message that can be displayed on the screen saver. Comes with Quick Start Screen S...

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File Size: 5.06 MB | Freeware

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Collateral ScreenSaver 1.0
by KrstDesign

It started like any other night. A cab driver finds himself the hostage of an engaging contract killer as he makes his rounds from hit to hit during one night in LA. He must find a way to save both himself and one last v...

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File Size: 2 MB | Freeware

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3D Valentine Hearts Screensaver 1.21
by 3D Desktop, Ltd

Say "I Love You" with this elegant 3D Valentine Hearts Screensaver. Screensaver combines whimsical 3D floating hearts displaing various Valentine messages with a 3D text "I Love You" while framed with...

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File Size: 2.37 MB | Shareware

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3DScreen Builder Screensaver Maker 1.51
by 3dscreen-builder

3DScreen Builder is a unique screensaver creation program. Though it creates a screensaver of your photos like other programs, it has one obvious advantage. Unlike other similar products, it does not create the usual bor...

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File Size: 1.94 MB | Shareware

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3D Chemical Elements ScreenSaver 1.2
by 7art-screensavers.com

Have you ever imagined the smallest bricks of the Universe - all that atoms with their protons, neutrons, electrons and quarks? With 3D Chemical Elements Screensaver you have the unique opportunity to see how they look l...

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File Size: 3.94 MB | Shareware

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