AbAlarm 2008 5.0.2o
AbAlarm 2008 5.0.2o
by Abelssoft GmbH

AbAlarm is a small and easy to use alarm clock for your PC. Give AbAlarm a specific time or an amount of minutes to count down and let you remind automatically with a given text and sound. So you will never forget your f...

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File Size: 5.25 MB | Freeware

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Peter's Ultimate Alarm Clock 3.4.0
by Peter's Productions

Puac is an alarm clock program, which sits in the system tray and lets you sound as many alarms as you like. Options include periodical alarms, snoozing, sounding alarms which went off while the program was inactive, sho...

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File Size: 2.14 MB | Shareware

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SNV Timer 2.0
by Nikolay Sukhorukov

SNV Timer is a program which combines advanced analog Alarm Clock and countdown Timer that can work separately. The actuation time and countdown value can easily be set by direct moving the corresponding arrows with mous...

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File Size: 2.53 MB | Shareware

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IRCAS Alarm 4.0.8
by Rombouts Electronics / IRCAS

IRCAS Alarm is a PC based camera alarm system and surveillance system for Microsoft Windows. It can use almost every resource of camera, (Web cam (USB) and video capture card detected by the windows system and MJPEG IP c...

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File Size: 10.56 MB | Shareware

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Alarm Reminder eBay Edition 2.0
by trulabs.com

Never miss another eBay auction when you "bid late, buy low". Bidding near the end of an auction is a good way to ensure you pay the lowest price possible - Alarm Reminder eBay Edition is a fully functional ye...

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File Size: 1.89 MB | Shareware

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Easy MP3 Alarm Clock 1.0
by Deepcom.com

The days of your annoying alarm clock noises are over. Now you can use this Easy MP3 Alarm Clock which supports MP3 and other audio files to wake up to the pleasant sound of your favorite audio clip. Simply choose your a...

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File Size: 623 K | Freeware

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TimeRanger 1.6.0
TimeRanger 1.6.0
by Codexcel

TimeRanger lets you define any type and any number of events to be timed. It will alert you visually and audibly or run any program when events reach due time. You can define absolute or relative time events to be repeat...

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File Size: 1.27 MB | Shareware

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Kirby Alarm And Task Scheduler 2.1
by Ian Cook

Kirby Alarm is a completely free alarm and task scheduler that will pop up a note, or run a program, or play a sound, or send an email at user defined intervals. Various options are available to set alarms/programs to ...

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File Size: 2.46 MB | Freeware

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SiNaC MPThree Alarm Clock 1.03
by Alex Ratte

This very simple MP3 alarm clock is all you need to wake up with music you like. It features a very nice graphical user interface using alpha-blending, a user-defined snooze delay and more. All you need to do, is run th...

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File Size: 639 K | Freeware

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Weather Alarm Clock 1.5
by Respect Soft

This streamlined, feature-packed clock utility offers lots of useful information at a glance. Though it gives the standard digital display, a handful of skins give this application a bit of flair. Weather Clock presents...

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File Size: 1.46 MB | Shareware

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Desk Clock Pro 1.0.1
by Tapora

Desk Clock Pro v1.0.1 is and easy to use fully functional alarm clock for your desktop. Its designed to let the users creativity run wild when it comes to customization by allowing for changes in backgrounds (.bmp, .jpg...

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File Size: 1.56 MB | Freeware

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The PC Timer 4.0
by Buffalo Software

The PC Timer, an easy to use countdown timer and alarm clocks. The Perfect Time Management Tool for your Computer! Great for people who are charged an hourly rate by their Internet Service Provider, and for those of us...

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File Size: 645 K | Freeware

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Talking Alarm Clock 1.4.1
by Cinnamon Software Inc.


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File Size: 6.81 MB | Freeware

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SClock Plus 1.7
by Shelltoys Inc.

SClock Plus is an easy-to-use desktop multilingual speaking clock with skin support and full-featured alarm system, that allows an user to set multiple alarms. Each alarm can be set to go off at various intervals: daily,...

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File Size: 1.17 MB | Shareware

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Alarm Clock Maker 1.10
by XQSoft

Make your own clock with your favorite image picture and share it with your frields just by click a button. No Plug-in required by the end user Set the background picture transparent. Allow user test run their alarm cl...

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File Size: 2.1 MB | Shareware

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xReminder Pro 4.2.1
by Duality Software

xReminder Pro is an elegant-looking event-based personal information manager that can help you remember birthdays, holidays and other special events. It starts automatically with Windows and minimizes to the system tray ...

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File Size: 1.53 MB | Shareware

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Atomic Alarm Clock 5.87
by Drive Software Company

Alert yourself about important events with different alarms and replace your computer tray clock using different skins. Computer Alarm Clock that will play any MP3 file. It can also run a program, log off, reboot, shut d...

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File Size: 1.6 MB | Shareware

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TimeLeft 3.25
TimeLeft 3.25
by NesterSoft Company

TimeLeft is a clock, tray clock, countdown, reminder, alarm clock, stopwatch, timer, desktop sticker and time synchronization utility. TimeLeft uses Winamp skins to show digits and text. TimeLeft is attractive, easy to u...

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File Size: 1.99 MB | Freeware

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SmartCommand 2.1
by jlgsolera

Lets you run safely windowsXP Command, keep notes and run system tools. You can write and store notes, Run System Tolls. Msconfig, Regedit...ect, and program Alarms....

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File Size: 269 K | Freeware

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ChimeX 1.5.0
ChimeX 1.5.0
by Pariahware, Inc.

Customize alerts for the hour, half hour, and quarter hour. You may have the computer speak the time, play a sound file of your choice, play the standard alert sound, do nothing, or pick a folder and let your Mac pick t...

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File Size: 1.25 MB | Shareware

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