febooti fileTweak 2.0
by febooti software

Change file / folder date, time (timestamp) and attributes. Change JPG date. Expands Windows "property" tabs to display additional file properties. View file and folder content (copy file list to clipboard). Vi...

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File Size: 412 K | Shareware

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Better File Attributes 1.3.1
by publicspace.net

Better File Attributes is Windows Explorer enhancement that allows file dates to be changed at will. It can manipulate entire file hierarchies....

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File Size: 585 K | Shareware

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ArcSet 1.0.1
ArcSet 1.0.1
by BirdCage Software

ArcSet is a program used for clearing of Read Only Attributes on files copied off a CD-rom to Hard disc drive. It is handy for Audio files and magazine bundled CD content or Document archives copied from CD-rom to your h...

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File Size: 1.01 MB | Freeware

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Inspector F 1.3
by Basu Technology, Inc.

Inspector F, Version 1.3 has added revolutionary new file management tools to its already powerful meta-data handling capabilities for Windows files and Outlook data. You can now create Virtual Folders based on any item ...

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File Size: 2.71 MB | Shareware

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Disk Recon 4.0
by Blacksun Software

Cleaning up your harddisk can be a time-consuming activity, but Disk Recon makes this job a lot easier. Disk Recon allows you to investigate folder sizes, find duplicate files, examine your disk usage, monitor files and ...

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File Size: 2.57 MB | Shareware

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File Properties Changer 1.07
by Segobit Software

File Properties Changer is an application designed to change properties of files, file attributes, file name extensions and a name of a file. Program can set the date and time that a file was created, last accessed, or ...

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File Size: 203 K | Shareware

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AFile Attribute Manager
by BPSoftware.com

AFile Attribute Manager allows for the easy retrieval and setting file and folder date, time and attribute information. With AFile Attribute Manager you can change a file / folder's creation and modification date. Throu...

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File Size: 4.67 MB | Shareware

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Acritum Batch Processor 1.00b1
by Acritum Software

This program allows you to process thousands of files in various ways, doing difficult checkings, analysis and so on. We understand that it will be difficult for beginners to configure a program with such possibilities t...

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File Size: 600 K | Shareware

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Useful File Utilities 2.9.5
by ReplSoft Inc.

Multifunction program for performing searching, replacing renaming and batch replacing in many files from the local disks and network. The standard file browser allows to specify great numbers of files before processing ...

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File Size: 1.58 MB | Shareware

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Handy File Tool 1.03
by Heatsoft Corporation

Handy File Tool (HFT) is a very fast and simple file manager. It has some internal utilities such as Renamer, Replacer and Finder. HFT has utilities necessary for webmasters, programmers and anybody who is concerned with...

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File Size: 1.28 MB | Freeware

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Flash Renamer 5.1
by RL Vision

Everybody has a lot of files these days, be it digital photos, music, movies or documents. Keeping them tidy and organized is important so you can easily find what you are looking for. Think about how much time you spen...

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File Size: 1.54 MB | Shareware

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osCommerce Attributes order update 2.0
by MagneticOne

osCommerce version MS 2.2 has known bug, when in front end and in admin panel product attributes could be sorted in unexpected order. This could cause some disarrangement. This contribution fixes this problem. After ap...

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File Size: 30 K | Freeware

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PDFIndexCut 1.0
by Ingo Schmoekel

PDFIndexCut - A dll for your pdf-files... Royalty free! For a really fast web access! You can use it with delphi, vb(a), C, C++ and all other well known programming environments (.NET, too!). Please try it before you buy...

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File Size: 548 K | Shareware

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PDF-Analyzer 3.0
by Ingo Schmoekel

The PDF-Analyzer is an informationstool specially for pdf files. You can use it from the explorer contextmenu and "stand alone" as a "PDF Browser", too. You can see all attributes/properties of a sele...

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File Size: 998 K | Freeware

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PDFLayout Plus 1.0
by Ingo Schmoekel

PDFlayout Plus - A dll for your pdf-files... Royalty free! With this dll you can get all layout-properties (listed below) from pdf-files. Page by page! As a second value you can send the page number! You can use it with ...

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File Size: 543 K | Shareware

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File Append and Split Tool 1.0.0
by Boxer Software

The Problem: Size Does Matter. It's a movie slogan from Hollywood, but it also applies to today's computing industry. Music files, video files, zip files... Everything keeps getting bigger and bigger. It's not uncommon...

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File Size: 398 K | Shareware

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PT DocuMaker 1.0
by DocuMaker Communication Solutions

PT DocuMaker allows the software developer to easily generate pertinent application documentation. With PT DocuMaker, you can generate 20 different program support documents at the click of a button - documents like Abou...

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File Size: 292 K | Freeware

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LockTheFile 1.8
by OkoSoft.com

LockTheFile is a tool that encrypts files with strong encryption alghorytm. You may protect any information - text files, pictures, video and audio files from other eyes and ears, as many files as you need, without any ...

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File Size: 1.77 MB | Shareware

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One Cat File Manager 1.01
by One Man And A Cat Software

Side by side file management, easy multiple file renaming, and customizable looks combine to make the perfect file manager for Microsoft Windows. Do you find yourself constantly sizing and resizing file management windo...

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File Size: 712 K | Shareware

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Ez4file (Personal Edition) 1.3.0
by D.M.F. Systems, Corporation

The Ez4file is a web based file access and management system. It allows users to access and manage files worldwide, and administrators to configure the user account and access rights worldwide, using a web browser only. ...

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File Size: 713 K | Shareware

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