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AnyDocForm 1.0.5

By Seusoft
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AnyDocForm 1.0.5
Release date:2009-03-11
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AnyDocForm 1.0.5 author's review:

Edit any text, number and date items in any Notes/Domino document

What when a Notes document has items that don?t meet their design requirements, and you can?t change their value through the associated form.
Sometime, they are hidden items, or items that never appear on any form.
Sometime, the value held in a field makes the opening of the form impossible. An error is raised, and the opening fails.
Sometime, there is no form associated with the document, or the form is missing.
Item type can be wrong (text instead of number or date), the content can be out of the authorized values, or item can be missing or in excess.
AnyDocForm has been designed to address this kind of issue. With AnyDocForm you can edit any text, number or date item in any Notes document, even if you don?t have the corresponding form. More, you can change the type of items, add and remove items, all by using a simple and efficient user interface.
As the use of AnyDocForm bypasses the logic enforced by the Form of a document, you can select at deployment time what access level is needed to use AnyDocForm, and more what access level is needed to edit, add or delete items. Its use can also be restricted to the owners of a specific role.
AnyDocForm is shipped as a Notes Template Database including the setting of security levels and deployment process and help documents.
You can deploy AnyDocForm in the target database(s) in a couple of clicks. The product keeps record of the databases where it has been installed, so deploying, changing settings and uninstalling can be done in a few clicks.
AnyDocForm is a Notes/Domino application intended to run on Domino servers V5 and V6. It is distributed as shareware. The evaluation version is downloadable for free, and can be used as it without time limit, but you can edit only the first 5 items (in alphabetical order) of each document, and item deletion is not possible. You can buy ($30) a registration key computed for your Domino domain (The organization part of your Domino domain name) that unlock all the features You can free download AnyDocForm 1.0.5 now.

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