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JexePack 6.1a

By Duckware
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JexePack 6.1a
Release date:2009-03-11
File Size:jepack.exe, 430 K
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JexePack 6.1a author's review:

Deploy your Java application, along with its resources, as a Windows EXE

JexePack allows you to deploy your Java application, along with its resources (like GIF, JPG, JNI DLLs, etc), into a single compressed 32-bit Windows EXE that targets Sun's Java Runtime Environment. Supports an EXE an a Windows NT service.

A great way to deploy your Java application as a Windows EXE because your end-users only see a standard EXE (with a nice icon that you define) -- and your program is still all Java and run by a Java VM. You can free download JexePack 6.1a now.

JexePack related tags: Java, packager, exe, deployment, tool, nt service, all tags

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