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Kaboom 3.0.24

By Sisulizer Ltd & Co KG
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Kaboom 3.0.24
Release date:2006-11-01
File Size:Kaboom.exe, 1.87 MB
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Kaboom 3.0.24 author's review:

Kaboom converts code pages of text files to unicode & filters clipboard contents

Kaboom is an utility for software and web developers of any kind. It is usefull for everybody who has to translate text and writes foreign text in code pages different than the one installed on his local computer.
Sisulizer helps you with foreign code pages and if you have to decode your text from an URL, out of e-mail bodys or headers, or need to calculate check sums, and much more.
Kaboom file converter changes code pages of text files, e.g. from shift-jis into UTF-8 and vice versa. It supports Windows, DOS, IBM, ISO, ASCII, ISCII, Macintosh and UNICODE code pages. Kaboom can read and write byte order marks and is very usefull for everybody who has to deal with text files in foreign code pages.
In addition Kaboom has over 50 clipboard filters, for replacement of special chars into character entity references, international chars in URLs (IDNA, Punycode), base64 encoding, quoted printable, conversion into UTF-7 and UTF-8, and much more. Kaboom also knows the code page number for various code page names and vice versa.
List of filters:
Clean Up String
Lower Case
Make Caps
Remove White Chars
Tabs to Blanks
Upper Case
CRC16, CRC32, Internet Checksum
Char to OEM
UTF-16 to UTF-7
UTF-16 to UTF-8
OEM to Char
UTF-7 to UFT-16
UTF-8 to UTF-16
Code page Name from Code page Number
Code page Number from Code page Name
Calc full filename
Long Filename to Short
Path with Drive to UNC
Short Filename to Long
International Domain Names (IDNA/PunyCode)
Mail Data Base64
Mail Data Quoted Printable
Mail Header Quoted Binary (RFC1522)
Mail Header Quoted Printable (RFC1522)
AntiHarvest (complete NCR)
International Domain Names (IDNA/PunyCode)
CRLF to <BR>
CRLF to Blanks
RLE Encode, Decode
Strip Tags from HTML
Get HTML, Fragment
Kabooms clipboard utility is fully UNICODE aware making it the #1 choice for everybody working with more than one code page. You can free download Kaboom 3.0.24 now.

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