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Practiline Source Code Line Counter 1.0

By Practiline Software
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Release date:2009-03-11
File Size:PractilineSCLCSetup.exe, 1.69 MB
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Practiline Source Code Line Counter 1.0 author's review:

Source code line count software for developers and project managers

Practiline Source Code Line Counter is a powerful source code line count software for developers and project managers. Ability to count code lines, comment lines and mixed code/comment lines in single files as well as entire directories. Preset (changeable) count rules for almost all types of source code files.

Supported formats include: ADA, ASP, Assembly, AWK, Batch files, Bourne Shell and Variants, C, C++, Shell, C#, COBOL, CSS Files, CSV Files, Delphi/Pascal, Fortran, Haskell, HTML, INC, INI Files, Java, Java Script, Java Server Pages, Lex/Flex, LISP/Scheme, Log Files, Makefile, Modula-3, Objective-C, Perl.

Ability to easily add new file formats and define count rules and comment types. Extremely fast - counts entire projects in no time. You can free download Practiline Source Code Line Counter 1.0 now.

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