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Spyware Nuker Pro 2008.07

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Spyware Nuker Pro 2008.07
Release date:2009-03-11
File Size:setup.exe, 3 MB
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Spyware Nuker Pro 2008.07 author's review:

Spyware Nuker Pro- programm that will keep Your privacy!

What is SPYWARE?
Spyware applications are programs and files that hide on your PC's hard drive without your direct knowledge. These programs allow hackers and advertising companies to track your every move, both online and even when you work offline. They can track the websites you visit, the items that you buy online, the emails you send and receive, your Instant Message dialog, and worst of all they can even record your credit card number, personal identification numbers, and all of your passwords. If you use dial-up to connect to the Internet then spyware can be used to bill 900 numbers to your phone bill. This is just a short list of the harm that spyware can cause.

How can Spyware lead to people being fired or divorced?
There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of SPYWARE programs that allow people to monitor what you do online. Many spouses and employers secretly download these SPYWARE programs onto their PCs so they can monitor everything their employees and spouses do online. These programs can do all of the following if not more:
? Every WEBSITE you visit
? EMAILS you send and receive
? INSTANT MESSAGES sent and received
? CHAT ROOM conversion made
? Every PROGRAM that your run
? Every KEYSTROKE you type

There are also SPYWARE programs out there that allow people to secretly download image onto your PC. What if someone wanted to get you in trouble and downloaded a program that allowed them to place illegal content onto your hard drive such as child pornography or terrorist activity files? This type of SPYWARE could get you in serious trouble!
How can SPYWARE and ADWARE infect my computer?
Your PC has a 90% chance of being infected with spyware and adware if you have ever downloaded any of the following:

Try Spyware Nuker Pro TODAY! Don't let anyone invade Your privacy! You can free download Spyware Nuker Pro 2008.07 now.

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