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to teach children (even adults) Tables, Addition, Subtraction, etc.

You can download Calculation Made Easy from publisher's website: Free download (2.68 MB)

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Mathematics - Calculation Made Easy 4.1
by AAP Media

Calculation Made Easy Ver 4.1 is an electronic math flashcards program. It has drills written to teach children (even adults) Tables, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. ...

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File Size: 2.68 MB | Shareware

Mathematics - Flexcrypt -Encrypt made easy
by Nordic Information Security Group AB

INTRODUCTION: Flexcrypt is a free encryption software that provides encrypted communication And encrypted storage. Flexcrypt can encrypt your Emails, Texts, Files, MSN/ICQ messages and Hard ...

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File Size: 14.37 MB | Freeware

Mathematics - PicTul - Picture Resizing Made Easy 1.3.2
by I-Tul Design & Software, Inc.

Resize any shape picture without distortion in three easy steps! Choose the picture you would like to resize, enter a width and height then choose the best looking preview and save. PicTul...

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File Size: 793 K | Shareware


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