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Free VintaSoftBarcode.NET Library 3.2 download

Add the ability to read barcodes from your VB.NET, C# or ASP.NET application.

You can download VintaSoftBarcode.NET Library from publisher's website: Free download (2.57 MB)  or Buy full unlimited version now only for $249.95
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Components & Libraries - VintaSoftBarcode.NET Library 3.2
by VintaSoft Ltd.

VintaSoftBarcode.NET Library - the easiest way for reading barcodes from your VB.NET, C# or ASP.NET application. Supported barcode types: Australian Post, Code 11, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128...

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File Size: 2.57 MB | Shareware

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The best knowledge manager - Code Library .NET is an application that helps you to easily find and information gathering....

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Microsoft?s .NET Framework class library doesn?t support certain common communication protocols, for example, the NNTP and POP3 protocols. Although still in its infancy, Smilla?s .NET Commun...

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