Chameleon Calendar 1.0
by Softshape

Chameleon Calendar creates an active calendar on your desktop wallpaper. Set up pleasant working atmosphere by adding a full-functional PIM on your desktop. Chameleon Calendar works with any...

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File Size: 2.77 MB | Shareware

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Useful File Utilities 2.9.5
by ReplSoft Inc.

Multifunction program for performing searching, replacing renaming and batch replacing in many files from the local disks and network. The standard file browser allows to specify great numbe...

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File Size: 1.58 MB | Shareware

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TouchThem 2.0
by CyxSoft.com

TOUCH THEM is specilized to modify the date and time of the files or directories ,to make the date and time of the modified files and directories consistent with the current time easily and ...

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File Size: 547 K | Shareware

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