Sleep Timer Pro 4.8.2
by LFH Solutions, LLC

Sleep Timer Pro is an all-in-one System Utility to automate the use of your system. With Sleep Timer you may shutdown, reboot, or set an alarm all with a few clicks of the mouse. Set your ti...

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File Size: 4.7 MB | Shareware

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PC Locker Pro 1.2
by Silver Eagle Software, Inc.

PC Locker Pro V1.2 Copyright(c) Silver Eagle Software,Inc. All Rights Reserved. http://www.SilverEagleSoft.com http://www.cute-cd-dvd-burner.com Email: contact@silvereaglesoft.com Introduc...

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File Size: 580 K | Freeware

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LockItNow! 1.2
by Bluetooth Shareware

Let your mobile phone lock and unlock your PC. When LockItNow! detects that you are no longer by your PC it locks it, keeping others from accessing it. When you return your PC is automatical...

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File Size: 2.97 MB | Shareware

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DirectShutdown 1.2
by DLAO Software

DirectShutDown is a free, commercial-quality uitlity for easier ShutDown, Restart, Log Off, Lock, StandBy or Hibernate your PC. When DirectShutDown is running, icon appears on the taskbar on...

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File Size: 723 K | Freeware

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