Audio-CD-Archiv v7 7.10.723
by GBelectronics GmbH

Use Audio-CD-Archiv v7 as your music-centre to manage all your music-files. Load the lyrics automatically and on playback a title you see the scrolling Lyrics fitting to the music. Automatic...

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File Size: 61.97 MB | Shareware

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Audio-CD-Archiv 5.0 Edition 2006 5.00.578
by GBelectronics

Put your valuable CD-collection into the wall cupboard and make Audio-CD-Archiv to your central music-center! With the help of Audio-CD-Archiv you can catalog your Audio-CDs, clearly without...

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File Size: 23.77 MB | Shareware

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Sector Tester 1.0
by DigitalCandle, inc.

Sector Tester is a new & used music CD "sector" tester that checks music tracks for scratches and data integrity in seconds. If you burn your own music CD's - you need to be ab...

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File Size: 672 K | Shareware

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