Absolute Color Picker 3.0
by Eltima Soft

Absolute Color Picker is a free handy application that lets you select colors by means of various color models and convert them into HTML-based hexadecimal representation. Being a great comp...

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File Size: 905 K | Freeware

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Amiasoft Color Pro
by Amiasoft Corporation

An HTML and CSS color and template tool allowing the user to create, compare, input and select from the screen, their choice of HTML colors. Includes options for creating an entire page tem...

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File Size: 889 K | Shareware

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DMControls.ColorMixer .NET control 1.0
by DMSoft Technologies

DMControls.ColorMixer is a .NET control with an ability to take a color swatch from a palette and mix all possible colors viewing the color coordinates in RGB, HSV, SMYK, HSL formats. Hexag...

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File Size: 1.06 MB | Shareware

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Absolute Color Picker ActiveX Control 3.0
by ELTIMA Software GmbH

Absolute Color Picker ActiveX Control is a component that includes two dialogs: color selection dialog and gradient filling dialog. The component is easy to use and implement in your project...

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File Size: 5.23 MB | Shareware

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