Turbo Internet Booster 1.7
by Turbo Internet Booster

Turbo Internet Booster is an application, which easily solves two of the most well known Internet problems: slow connection performances, undesirable disconnections. Also, the program includ...

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File Size: 1.25 MB | Freeware

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Turbo Internet Accelerator 2.4
by CoolSoft to Dev

Turbo Internet Accelerator is a program that corrects two of the most famous Internet problems: slow connection performances, undesirable disconnections. Also, the application includes other...

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File Size: 1.36 MB | Freeware

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Stay Connected 4.01
by inKline Global, Inc.


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File Size: 1.81 MB | Shareware

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Magic Download Accelerator 2.3
by Soft Like Magic

Magic Download Accelerator is a fast download manager and it is a good choice for active surfers and those on dial-up connections. Magic Download Accelerator raise the download speed by up t...

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File Size: 2.1 MB | Freeware

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DUNTrack 2.4
by OnlyTools.com

DUNTrack is the most powerful tool available to log & analyze your dial-up networking usage! Use DUNTrack to monitor, log & analyze your dial-up networking usage. It requires no con...

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File Size: 975 K | Shareware

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Bullet Proof Connection 3.0
by Citisoft

Bullet Proof Connection is an intelligent internet surfing simulator that prevents you from being disconnected from your Internet Service Provider(ISP). The simulator tricks the ISP into bel...

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File Size: 533 K | Shareware

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