GSA Cleandrive 3.17
by GSA

It is a common problem that almost anything that you do on your PC can be spied out by others. There is a big market where money is made by simply tracking your online behavior (what sites y...

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File Size: 3.35 MB | Shareware

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Super Privacy Controls 2008.1
by Repair-and-Secure

Do NOT allow your business or private life to become public knowledge. Super Privacy Controls offer COMPLETE or SELECTABLE elimination of confidential information. What secrets could your P...

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File Size: 3 MB | Shareware

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Webroot Desktop Firewall 1.3
by Webroot Software Inc.

New from the makers of Spy Sweeper! Webroot Desktop Firewall offers great two-way protection. It keeps your data safe while also keeping hackers out! Novice users will appreciate the easy se...

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File Size: 2.81 MB | Shareware

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VIP Privacy 1.2
by VIP Defense

VIP Privacy is a perfect tool for your private info protection. Do you know that many user's applications and your Operating System collect and store information about your personally and yo...

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File Size: 1.75 MB | Shareware

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VIP Anonymity 1.0
by VIP Defense

Forget about intrusions and browse anonymously! Any web site in the world can track your movements through its pages and monitor your reading interests using your IP address, a unique ID ass...

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File Size: 2.35 MB | Shareware

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Real Time Cleaner 2.5
by Amplusnet

Real Time Cleaner is an efficient and easy-to-use privacy protection tool that securely deletes online Internet tracks and program activity records that are stored in your browser and other ...

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File Size: 403 K | Shareware

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PrivacyView 2.11
by PrivacyView Software

PrivacyView software encrypts all the Internet files you download including images, movies, cookies, history and temp files. Don't delete history, let PrivacyView software hide your Internet...

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File Size: 4.96 MB | Shareware

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IE Protector And Tracks Eraser 1.4
by 123Renamer Inc

IE Protector And Tracks Eraser aims to repair Internet Explorer browser by restoring default settings,and prevent Web sites from running malicious code or changing your browser settings behi...

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File Size: 1.11 MB | Shareware

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SimpleCleaner 1.1
by Trsecurity.net

Simple Cleaner, also a Windows security program. If you are worried about coworkers going to recover files, remember - simple deletion is not secure enough because anybody can recover your s...

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File Size: 725 K | Shareware

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Shadow Professional
by Systenance Software

Shadow Professional erases evidence of your web activity and cleans history embed on your computer. Press Start and surf without evidence. Full support for Internet Explorer, AOL, Firefox, N...

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File Size: 4.14 MB | Shareware

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Image Encrypt 1.02
by Maple & Star AB

With Inzomia Image Encrypt protecting your photos is easy. Simply select the photos that you want to prevent others from viewing. Encrypted images can be viewed right away in the Inzomia ima...

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File Size: 2.13 MB | Shareware

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Advanced Anti Spy 4.3
by Softbe Inc

Advanced Anti Spy is powerful but easy to use anti-spy software to prohibit operation of any keyloggers currently in use or presently being developed anywhere. Once installed our anti-spy so...

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File Size: 483 K | Shareware

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Advanced Anti Keylogger 3.7
by Spydex Inc

Advanced Anti Keylogger is powerful but easy to use anti-spy software to prohibit operation of any keyloggers currently in use or presently being developed anywhere. Once installed our anti-...

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File Size: 783 K | Shareware

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A1Click Ultra PC Cleaner 1.01.42
by Super Win Software, Inc.

A1Click Ultra PC Cleaner (also known as, A1 Cleaner) - Powerful, Safe, and Easy-to-use. Fix PC problems - Avoids system errors and PC crashes by identifying and cleaning up problem files. ...

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File Size: 1.15 MB | Shareware

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